9 Money Saving Amazon Services for your Home

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Today we have a guest post from Nick of Dollar Otter. He’s going to teach us how to save money at home with 9 super valuable Amazon services. 

9 Money Saving Amazon Services for Your Home

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When you hear “shopping online,” I bet Amazon is high on the list.  It might even be a favorite online store of yours. 

This company has transformed itself from an online bookseller to all-out mega-retailer selling products and services from groceries to cabins.

You’ve heard about their popular items such as Alexa, Fire TV, and Prime Video; however, if you are a Prime member, you might be surprised to learn that your membership isn’t limited to just these Amazon services. 

They have branched out into many different realms in the online market, and this works to your benefit to save your home more money. 

In this article, you will discover 9 Amazon money-saving services that will benefit your family and your household.

Amazon Renewed 

Before purchasing a new item, consider buying used.  By shopping for pre-owned goods through Amazon Renewed, you can shop for computers and appliances that typically beat retail prices.

Most consumers deter from purchasing used products out of worries that used products aren’t reliable and trustworthy. 

Have no fear.  Amazon eliminates this worry by backing up all products with their guarantee after carefully inspecting and testing each product.  

Because the firm values of customers’ feedback and ratings, you can have faith they are going to get you a great product.

Try Amazon Renewed here.

Amazon Second Chance

Thinking of upgrading home devices or buying video games for your home?  Before you donate or toss away the older items, try selling these on Amazon’s Second Chance website.  

By trading in your used products, Amazon will send you a “Gift Card in exchange for thousands of eligible items.”  

Amazon’s Second Chance is a terrific way to reduce clutter in your home. 

Even if you are trying to downsize or minimalize the amount of stuff in your home, this website service may be a great option to recycle older or unused electronic devices.  Read more here.

Subscribe and Save

Subscribe and Save allows members to access thousands of goods by ordering and regularly receiving from a monthly delivery to every six months.  

Prime members can unlock 20% savings on subscriptions to diapers, baby food, and more when receiving 5 or more products in a given month.  

If you’re worried about locking into a long-term subscription commitment or contract, Amazon lets users manage subscriptions worry-free.  Customers can skip or cancel recurring orders at any moment.


Amazon Prime members can browse and shop from over a thousand designers to get you the wardrobe you’ve been looking from the top of the line brands to emerging designers.

With a diverse collection to choose from, you can receive 15% off your first purchase.  Browse all designers here.


Every home recognizes the high expenses of medical products, especially the cost of pharmaceuticals.  

According to the US National Library of Medicine “average increase in the retail price for brand-name drugs from $27 in 1990 to $65 in 1999 – an increase of 140%” 

Would it surprise you to learn that Amazon jumped into this market?  With their launch of PillPack, you only pay your copays. As with any Amazon Prime purchases, their service is free and no cost for shipping. 

While customers enrolled in Medicare, Medicare, and TRICARE aren’t eligible, they do work with most insurance plans.


Score big deals with 6pm fashion service.  Launched through Amazon, this Limited Liability Company is a discount retailer division of Zappos. 

They help customers score significant savings on the best deals in fashion.  With deals reflecting up to 80% off MSRP, you’ll find bargains from ladies fashion to kids and men’s clothing. 

Learn more here.

Treasure Truck

A relatively new service, Amazon will send your cell phone text updates on the latest deals if they are in your neighborhood.  That’s right…in your community.  

The company started a truck service loaded with deals and bargains to help you save money.

Last week I received a text message from Amazon that their Treasure Truck had Tide laundry detergent listed for 20% off retail.  While this service is mostly limited to large cities, it is worth taking a look to see if they service your area.


Are you crafty or looking for a new hobby?  Amazon brings Fabric.com to its customers with clearance deals up to 30% off.  

As a subsidiary of Amazon, they are a leading online fabric store giving you more options and designs.  Choose from lead designers to generics offering many designs and fabrics. 

Even if you are not crafty, the website posts new tutorial videos to help inspire and give you creative ideas.

Home Services

With a current customer rating 4.7 out of 5 stars, Amazon brings you another one-stop-shop to find home services to help with those pesky chores.

The services vary from window cleaning to product assemblies.  How many times have you spent weekends trying to assemble something that took several hours only to put you behind on other tasks?

Save time and money by browsing available services in your area.  Amazon lists only the top pros in your area and is handpicked to ensure you get the best price and service. 

For instance, if you are looking to hire a plumber, rest assured that Amazon has vetted all professionals.  They conduct and review everyone with background checks, ensuring they passed a criminal background check. 

Also, they hire only licensed professionals.  Amazon requires trade and insurance information be on file before any work being performed.   

Before these professionals arrive at your home, you will receive an upfront price quote, so you are not surprised after the service for any hidden appreciated prices.

Save Money with these Amazon Services

With services like those mentioned above, it is with a good reason why Amazon has a valuation of over $1 trillion.  Its multi-service online shopping network has something for everyone.  

The next time you shop looking to save money, try browsing the thousands of deals listed in the service outlined above.  

For more tips to helping your family save money, check out other articles on Dollar Otter.  

Nick Carroll is a personal finance blogger who launched DollarOtter.com in February 2018.  Having worked as a banker and investment analyst, he published his book 6 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom to help families to pay off debt and get the financial advice that benefits their homesteads, and not the banks.




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