5 Tips to Save Money on Halloween

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Halloween can be expensive, but if you think ahead and make intentional choices it can be so much more affordable. In this post I’m going to explain 5 tips to save money on Halloween.


Halloween is a sneaky holiday. It seems so much smaller than those big guys like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. But somehow it ends up being just about as expensive!

If you’re trying to think ahead and reduce the cost of Halloween this year, you are in the right place!

Here are 5 tips to save money on Halloween.


You can go to the pumpkin patch for fun and take a nice family picture there.

But when it comes to actually buying your pumpkin, get it from the grocery store.

Grocery store pumpkins generally cost a flat price. You’ll see a giant bin with a sign that says something like $2.99 per pumpkin.

At the pumpkin patch, they charge per pound. So, your child could fall in love with a giant pumpkin that ends up costs upwards of $20.

And a pumpkin is a pumpkin. There’s no reason to pay $17 more just because it came from a special pumpkin patch.


Of course, you’re not just paying for the pumpkin. You’re also paying for all those pumpkin supplies.

The fancy knife set, the scooper, and the fancy stencils that help you make a really cool design.

I say, skip all of that.

Use a kitchen knife – maybe an old one that you don’t really care about.

Let your kiddos scoop those seeds out with their hands.

And grab some free printable stencils online.

The Pumpkin Lady has just about every free stencil you can imagine. Check her out.

Yes, it’s a small savings but all these little savings add up.


The biggest expense of Halloween is the costumes. Can you believe how much they charge for them these days?

$30-$50 for a few pieces of material with a design on them. That alone is expensive, but if you have multiple kids that you’re buying for it just becomes outrageous.

Skip those expensive store bought costumes and make your own!

Get the kiddos involved. Have them decide what they want to make and make it a fun activity – and a family tradition.

You will save hundreds on Halloween costumes over the years.

I have a fun list of 35 DIY Costume ideas to get you started.


Start shopping for next year’s Halloween right after Halloween ends. It’s the best time to grab 50% – 75% off discounts on Halloween decor and supplies.

Of course, while that will help you out for next year, what about this year?

I know we all find it very annoying that stores are stocking their shelves for Halloween in the summer but right when they put out their merchandise is the best time to get what you need.

There will be more items available and you’ll be able to be selective about what you buy and compare prices. It’s much better than being stuck with whatever is left on the shelves.

Consider how much you need when deciding what to buy. If you need a ton of candy because your house gets swarmed by trick-or-treaters, than you probably should grab the giant bag of candy from Costco. If you really need that much, it’s a great deal.

But, if you only get a few trick-or-treaters, you should avoid that Costco sized bag of candy. Your family will just end up eating the extra.


Let the holiday be fun and stop with all the subtle (or even no so subtle) competition.

It does not matter who has the best costume, who gives out the best treat bags.

All that matters is that the kids are having fun.

Less competition means more fun and less stuff to buy.

That being said, I know you can’t control how other families behave.

Just avoid the competitive ones when you can and make the choice not to take part in it.




Now you are ready to save lots of money this Halloween! Start by getting a grocery store pumpkin and skipping all of those expensive pumpkin supplies. DIY your costumes to save big. Shop smart and shop ahead of time. And avoid all the Halloween competition like the plague.

Halloween is so much more fun when you stay within your budget!

Happy saving and Happy Halloween!

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Let me know in the comments: How will you use these tips to save money on Halloween?

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