39 Surefire Strategies to Cut Expenses Fast

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If we want to have more money there are only 2 ways to make this happen. One way is to make more money. That could mean changing jobs, taking on a side-job, or selling things you don’t use. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to do, you should focus on the other way  to have more money. And that is simply to use the money you already have more effectively. This means spending less money by cutting your expenses. So, in this post I’m giving you 39 surefire strategies to cut expenses fast. 


In this post I’m going to give you 39 simple ways that you can start cutting your expenses today.

Psst… By the way, I really want you to cut those expenses and have more money. And I’ve created the perfect resource to help you. It’s my expense cutting workbook. It will walk you through the process of cutting your expenses step-by-step-by-step. You can grab your free copy of the workbook here.

Kick those Bad Habits

I know this doesn’t sound fun, but here’s what I want you to do. Start tracking how much you’re actually spending on your daily or weekly habits.

You can use the tracking worksheet in the expense cutting workbook to make this super easy!

Here are some examples of bad money-sucking habits. Think about which ones apply to you.

  • Take-out food
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Soda
  • Shopping for fun

For some of these habits you might be so focused on other ways that they’re affecting your life that you’re not thinking about how they’re affecting your wallet. And they are! A LOT!

Start tracking the cost and you’ll find the motivation you need to cut back or stop completely.

Household Expenses

Running a household can be so expensive! But there are so many ways that we can cut those costs down.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Stop wasting electricity and lower that bill
  • Save money on your phone bill
  • Turn down the heat or air conditioning (even one degree will make a difference!)
  • Make the plunge and cut the cord – Do you really need Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Streaming and Cable TV? Keep track of what you actually watch regularly and stick those one or two services.
  • Wash your laundry in cold water.
  • If possible, wait until 7PM or after to run your washer, dryer, or dishwasher. It’s often cheaper to use this large appliances on off-peak times.
  • Consider your home insurance each and every year. When those rates go up, don’t be afraid to move on to another provider.

FREE Checklist with 23 ways to Lower your Utility Costs

Stop those extra charges

  • Stop wasting money paying for late fees. Pay those bills on time so you don’t get charged a late fee. If you miss a payments occasionally and do see a late fee charged, use this method to get out of paying them!
  • If you’re going to use a credit card, pay it off in full every month so you’re not racking up interest charges.

Save money on food

Food can be so expensive. But we all need to eat! Here are some ideas to lower your food costs.

  • The most effective way to save so much money on food is to make it yourself. Here’s some advice on how you can make that work for you.
  • Start meal planning and cut down on wasted food. If meal planning hasn’t worked for you in the past, check out the meal plan alternative.
  • If there’s a local produce stand in your town, go check them out! You can often find high-quality, local produce for a fraction of the supermarket prices.
  • Speaking of produce, shop for what’s in season. It will be cheaper and taste better!
  • Set a grocery budget – and stick to it!
  • Use a few coupons here and there (this is how I use coupons)
  • Start eating your leftovers!

If you want more help setting a grocery budget and learning lasting money saving tips for groceries, you should join my upcoming grocery budget challenge!

Get more bang for your buck

Especially for the bucks you already spent!

Here are some examples of household items that have multiple purposes:

  • Coconut oil – Um… did you know you could just coconut oil for almost anything? I use in the place of vegetable oil when I bake. You can also use it for hair conditioner, moisturizer, a base for diluting essential oils, a creamer for you coffee – and I just read that you can rub it on your eggs’ shells and prolong their freshness by 1-2 weeks. And it’s like $1.99 a jar. That’s some serious value!
  • Vinegar and baking soda can clean almost anything!
  • Alka-seltzer can double as a toilet cleaner if you’re in a pinch.
  • Used tea bags can double as garden fertilizer.

These might seem random, but here’s my point… Before you go out and buy something you think you need, take a look around and see if you already have something that can be used for that purpose.

39 Surefire Strategies for Cutting Expenses - These frugal living tips for saving money will make sticking to your budget simple! Read this post to learn how you can save money this month!

Spend less on everyday purchases

First of all, only shop when you have to.

Do not go for a walk at the mall and “window shop”. You’re going to come home with a 3 bags full of stuff you didn’t need to buy.

So, only shop when you have to.

And when you go to any store, make sure you have a list.

Shop with purpose and stay focused on your mission.

Here are some ways to save money on the things you do need to buy:

  • Prescription medication can be seriously overpriced. You do not need to pay so much! Here’s the scoop on how you can get it for less.
  • Track prices over time so you always know if you’re getting a good deal. Then when something goes on super sale, you can stock up with confidence.
  • Use gasbuddy to find the best price for gas. And plan to fill up in the middle of the week because gas prices usually go up around the weekend.
  • Shop at your local thrift store. You’ll find some awesome stuff and you can’t beat the price!
  • Try the generic brand for the products you always buy. They’re almost always just as good. Except Q-tips. Generic Q-tips are not good. But most of the time, the generic version is the exact same product without the brand name.

Save on your adventures

Traveling can cost a fortune if you’re not intentional about your spending. Here are some tips for saving money while traveling:

  • Pack your meals for road-trips and bring a cooler in the car. Your pre-made sandwiches will be much cheaper than those fast food meals!
  • If you’re flying, book your flight in the middle of the week.
  • And if you’re going back to look for a cheaper flight at a later time, clear your internet history and cookies first!
  • Take advantage of Airbnb instead of paying for pricey hotel stays.
  • Make sure you’re signed up for airline and hotel reward programs, especially if you travel often.

39 Smart tips to cut your expenses fast! If you want to save money, spend less, and be able to afford more - even if you're not great a budgeting - you have to read this!!

Make your own and stop wasting your money!

  • Ditch the drive-thru and make your own coffee!
  • Pack a lunch for work
  • Have freezer meals prepped and ready to go when you need them so you don’t find yourself grabbing take-out on a frantic evening.
  • Use a reusable water bottle and fill it with your own filtered water. If you don’t feel comfortable using filtered water because of the water quality in your area, buy gallons of spring water instead of individual bottles.  

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Don’t stop here!

These are just a few (ok, more than a few) ideas to get you started!

The real key to cutting your expenses and lowering the amount you spend each month for good is to focus on your specific expenses.

Maybe your money isn’t going to the drive-thru coffee people like so much of my money used to.

Maybe your money is going to new clothes you don’t need or take-out chicken.

So, start by tracking your expenses and figuring out exactly where it’s going.

If you want me to help you along the way, just grab your copy of my FREE expense cutting workbook here and I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Happy saving!

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